Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back for More: The Story of a "Double Hoo"

This is my first blog entry as a Darden student blogger – and my first ever entry as a blogger.  My blog, “The B Case”, will be a candid reflection on my experiences over the next two years.  I will talk about the multitude of meanings of the title of my blog in my next entry so stay tuned!  Learning does not take place in isolation.  Hence, I will use my blog to chronicle my experiences both at 100 Darden Boulevard and beyond.  I hope to capture the “transformative experience” that is Darden by showing my progression (academically, professionally, and socially).

I am a native of Virginia and studied English Literature here at UVA.  After graduating in 2005, I moved to Washington, DC where I worked at a boutique financial services firm doing valuations of companies and assets operating in the media, communications, and technology industries.  I decided to pursue a Darden MBA to gain an enterprise perspective and understand how different business functions work together.  As a “Double Hoo” (someone who went to the University of Virginia as an undergraduate and comes back for one of the graduate school programs), I cannot imagine a better place to go to school.

So much has happened in the two months that I have been at Darden!  I look forward to what is to come and I hope you continue to share in my journey.